Me:        “Hello is this the Labor Department, I would like to voice a complaint?”

 OPERATOR:        “Yes it is.  How can I help you?”

 Me:        “I have a complaint about a CEO.”

 OPERATOR:  “Of the company you work for?”

 Me:  “No, of the country…you know Barack Obama.”

 OPERATOR:  “Uh, uh”

 Me:  “This is the line to voice complaints?”

 OPERATOR:  “Yes, it is.”

 Me:  “Then I want to register a complaint against Barack Obama, CEO of the USA.”

OPERATOR:  “I guess you could look at it that way.”

 Me:  “How else should I you look at it?”

 OPERATOR:  “We aren’t set up for that type of complaint.”

 Me:  “Who else would I call?”

 OPERATOR:  “Uh, uh.  I don’t really know.”

 Me:  “First of all, he is spending money like it’s water.   You know, when you don’t earn money you don’t rightly care how it’s spent.  As I see it, I, along with my kids and grandkids, will be working for this guy for the rest of our lives since the debt he is incurring will never be paid.” 

OPERATOR:        “Well…”

Me:  “Barry is taking my hard earned money and giving it to whomever he wants.  I am more than capable of spending my own money M’am without Barry’s help…just ask my husband.   The difference is that when I spend my money, I choose how it gets spent.”

OPERATOR:  “I am not following you.”

Me:  “Therein lies the problem, I don’t think anyone in this administration gets it. My money is going to Planned Parenthood, for instance.  It’s bad enough that people will justify killing their unborn babies, but I don’t want them using my money to do it.  Can I get a refund on that portion of my tax dollars?”

OPERATOR:  “Refund?  We don’t issue refunds at this number.”

Me:  “What number can issue a refund?”

OPERATOR:  “Uh, Uh…Ummm…sorry I wasn’t provided with that number.”

Me:  “Didn’t think so.”

Me:  “There is so much…how much time do we have?”

OPERATOR:  “Each caller is allotted 3 minutes…we want to keep it fair, you know.”

Me:  “Okay then. I will say this as fast as I can…

 The Affordable Healthcare Program is a joke.  First of all, it’s not affordable.  Insurance rates have skyrocketed and it’s complete bunk about being able to keep your doctor.  Mine is retiring in 2014 when barrycare takes effect so in all probability I’ll be ushered into some incompetent government program.  Have you ever been to the Department of Motor Vehicle?”

“The economy is in the dumper and has been since 2008 although “they” said the recession ended in June of 2009.  Why would people expect a Marxist to remedy a free market capitalistic economy?”

“Barry has sold out our greatest ally, Great Britain, along with Poland, in an attempt to pacify Russia.  Can you tell me how long it will be before Russia gives Britain’s nuclear secrets to Iran?”

OPERATOR:  “I’m sorry, I can’t answer that question.”

Me:  “Not to mention the damage done to our relationship with Israel.  He’s cutting military spending but that’s because you can’t have guns and butter and Barry prefers butter.”

“And have you seen the price of gasoline lately?  The CEO has done nothing about the escalating cost of gas.  Does Obama have stock in the oil companies?  I am beginning to think that he does and he is reaping obscene profits:”

“Obama has given government control every aspect of citizens’ lives.  Healthcare, what kind of car we drive, the banks, the car companies, schools, student loan programs, the Internet and what we eat.  By the way, can you tell me where Shelley gets her nutritional expertise?” 

OPERATOR: “Shelley?”

Me:  “Michelle Obama.  Can you also let barry know he’s no Ronald Reagan.”

OPERATOR:  “Uhhhhh”

Me:  “So you can see I have a “litany” of complaints and if time allows I have a lot more.”

OPERATOR:   “Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

Me:  “Hello, hello is anyone listening to me?”

OPERATOR:  “This is a recording–This number has been disconnected for the day in order to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday.

I don’t know, maybe it’s me.


Any fan of football or animal lover knows about Michael Vick and his conviction for running a dog fighting ring in Virginia.   Vick subsequently served prison time and home confinement for the crime but today is the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles football team.     

As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, apparently so does Vick as he managed to garner a multi-million dollar deal with the Eagle’s franchise for a two-year contract.   Just this past week, it was learned that Barack Obama called Jeffrey Lurie the owner of the Eagles and praised him for granting a second chance to the once down and out football player.    

Vick ran a dog fighting ring.  He had dogs in his care that he had both an ethical and moral responsibility to treat with respect.  Instead, Vick abused, tortured and even killed any animal that no longer served his purposes, disposing of them at will.  The dogs caught in the grip of the Bad Newz kennels did not choose or ask to be there, yet were subjected to the actions and decisions of Vick and those who worked for him. 

Even though Vick wants to have another pet as a way to “help with his rehabilitation” and to show “he really cares,”as a condition of his sentence Vick can no longer own a dog.

Do we really need to give Vick another animal to prove that he is incapable of compassion and is void of a conscience? The saying goes “Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.”

Michael Vick served his time and paid his debt to society, but is anyone willing to gamble and give him another try at animal ownership in an effort to salvage his public image?

All of this begs the question: Why in the world would the President of the United States make a public statement about Michael Vick?

Did Obama made the call to Lurie because he has more in common with Michael Vick than he would let on?

Was Barry asking for his own second chance when voicing praise for Vick’s opportunity at redemption?

Much in the same way Michael Vick violated moral and ethical responsibilities to the dogs in his care, so too, has Barack Obama violated his Constitutional responsibility to America.

Americans who did not vote for Obama have been subjected to his policies for the past two years like the puppies who didn’t ask to be part of Bad Newz Kennels.   However, on Nov. 2, 2010 out of control spending; Constitutional side stepping; race baiting; class warfare; demolition of the American health care system; relinquishing American military superiority in favor of exorbitant domestic spending; and government intrusion into every aspect of American’s lives was met with a “guilty” conviction for the President.  

While Barack Obama will not have to serve a prison term for his conviction the way Vick did, his sentence could mean being denied a second term as President.  In a way, Barry has only two years left on his “contract” to prove himself and redefine his image in an attempt to garner another four years. 

Suddenly our President wants to work in the spirit of cooperation with Republicans.  Obama agreed, albeit reluctantly, to maintain the current rates rather than raise taxes on mean, greedy, despicable rich people. Heck, Barry and Shelley even went to church this Christmas. 

Does anyone have a recent picture of Michael Vick kissing puppies? Because, the next thing you know, Obama will put down the ice cream cone and will instead kiss babies in photo ops. 

Is Barry’s sudden metamorphosis any different from Vick’s effort to cultivate a new and improved personal image?

Surely there was sound reason why Vick’s sentencing stipulated that he could never again own a dog.  If we wouldn’t do that to a dog, why in the world would we do it to America?

I don’t know, maybe it’s me.

Historically, Academy Award recipients step to the microphone and thank everyone from parents to God for assistance in helping attain the award.  Political candidates swept into office by the hard work of loyal campaign teams thank everyone from the coffee guy to the campaign manager when making a victory speech.  Public acknowledgements are now customary as a thank you is extended to anyone and everyone who helped to “make this moment possible.” 

In fact, Sharron Angle, Conservative senatorial candidate from Nevada, illustrated this long held tradition when she sent a thank you, along with a bouquet of flowers, to Joy Behar of The View.  Apparently, Ms. Behar spewing expletives about Ms. Angle helped to rake in $150,000 in online campaign contributions in one afternoon.

 With that tradition in mind, and the prediction of a Republican/Conservative pummeling of the current political makeup in Congress, the day after the midterm election should become “National Thank You Day.”  On “National Thank You Day,” every American from sea-to-shining-sea thankful for the Nov. 2nd election outcome should send a heartfelt note to the one person who “made this moment possible…” Barack Obama.

If this election pans out to be a referendum on all things Obama, as predicted, why not let him know America is grateful. 

Americans can thank President Obama for all he has done to awaken a sleeping conservative giant.  Our gratitude needs to be expressed for all policy decisions, back room dealing, political arm twisting, and votes cast in the face of citizen opposition, which contributed to the anti-administration sentiments that are propelling conservatives to the polls in droves. 

As Election Day approaches, President Obama can spend time blaming President George W. Bush, citizen stupidity, the sun, moon and stars, banks, bankers, greedy corporations and a car that won’t get out of a ditch for the dismal condition of the country.

 But America knows better. 

How wonderful that the nation can take a moment to extend our sincere appreciation.  In fact, without Obama’s help, this day may never have arrived.  Therefore, citizens can give credit where credit is due and full acclaim needs to be directed at America’s illustrious leader.  

On Nov. 3rd join the “National Thank You Day” movement and send a  card to the White House.  Please take the opportunity to encourage the President to keep up the good work…as America joyfully anticipates the 2012 election.  

 I don’t know…maybe it’s me.

Mother Nature Chooses

September 30, 2010

Mother Nature packed quite a punch recently as a tornado and microburst swept through Brooklyn and Queens causing extensive damage to homes and trees.  Rooftops and old established trees were ripped from their footings.  While rooftops can be replaced, trees that take years to grow cannot be replaced overnight.

 Reports stated the whole process only lasted 4 – 5 minutes as the storm “…moved “with surgical precision” decimating neighborhoods in its path.  In the aftermath, residents as well as firefighters were left to cut up trees using chain saws ensuring tree remains were compatible with the chipper during clean up.

 Trees that still had so much life to live and “stories to tell” were cut down before their prime.  Limbs, boughs and branches were ripped from their nesting places as some were thrown 30-40 feet finding their final resting place in the garbage. 

 By the Friday after the storm, the city maintained that it was “still too early to tabulate a reliable tree death count.”  Adrian Benepe, city Parks Commissioner, said that while thousands of street trees had been killed, others would have to be cut down because they were so crippled by the storm.  Park trees were damaged beyond hope…hundreds more lost limbs as the storm ripped through the boroughs. 

 Ironically, trees in two cemeteries in Queens suffered heavy damage.  When a 110 year old tree in Pullis Farm Cemetery came down, people suggested that the tree be picked up and returned to the ground.  “Some people said can we pick it up and put it back?  But you can’t,” stated Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association. 

 Only if it were that easy to replace a tree that’s been torn from its life giving root system.

 All Faiths Cemetery in Middle Village lost a 180 year old oak.  “It had these beautiful arms…,” stated Daniel C. Austin Jr. the cemetery’s vice president. 

 How sad that no one would get to enjoy the arms of the oak ever again. 

 The sentiments in Forest Hill reflect the sense of grief and mourning.  It appears the residents’ association recently planted 70 more trees to add to the hundreds already in residence.  The newly planted trees “bore the brunt of the storm.” 

 When storms hit it’s always the youngest that are the most vulnerable to destruction.

 One resident seemed to echo what others were feeling when he stated, “It’s like a part of me is gone.”

 One little boy in Park Slope, Brooklyn mourned over the loss of a massive ash tree.  When younger than his current 13 years, he said he thought the tree was “the tree of life.” 

 After all of the destruction in Queens, Lorena Sanchez discovered a sapling cherry tree she had planted in honor of her sister.  Upon seeing the sapling, Ms. Sanchez stated “she knew everything would be all right.”  With all of the wanton destruction, some of the tiniest manage to survive. 

 As the storm ripped through New York it seemed as if Mother Nature held no regard for life giving nature she represents.  Trees, both young and old, were strewn as if they held no intrinsic worth to her or those who enjoyed the splendor of their being.  Everyone knows the benefits the shade of an oak gives on a sunny day and the way a hanging willow seems to envelope one with their “arms.”  With the tornado that visited New York, none of that mattered to Mother Nature. 

 It is hard to perceive that the Mother Nature that produced the trees is the same Mother Nature that destroyed them.   Earth is the womb in which Mother Nature produces, incubates and produces all that nature bestows upon us. 

While many were moved to tears at the sight of so many destroyed trees, it makes one wonder if those same people weep at the destruction perpetrated within the walls of an abortion clinic.  

 If one will weep at the loss of a tree, but not at the loss of a tiny human  life, maybe one can equate the storm with Mother Nature’s right to choose and in this way make the loss of a tree much easier to accept. 

  I don’t know, maybe it’s me. defines the word “lexicon” as the vocabulary of a particular language, field, social class, person, etc.  Given the influx of never before phrases bantered today by liberals, the need for a lexicon to properly define the meaning of their “particular language” is apparent.

 After hearing President Obama speak, some people are filled to the point of tears with awe and inspiration that such greatness has been bestowed to America.  However, others, such as myself, are often left with the sense of “What the heck is he talking about?” In order to fully understand the “particular language” of Obama’s speeches one needs to print out the speech and examine the text. 

 A Liberal Lexicon is a tool to be used when examining the text and will translate “what was said” to “what Barry is really saying” as quickly as possible. 

 So for the sake of all befuddled Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and Libertarians left scratching their heads due to the absurdity of what they are hearing, here is an official Liberal Lexicon:

Angry rhetoric—words that emanate from the mouths of conservatives/Republicans especially when discussing how and why they disagree with Congress, El Presidente’, Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann.

Back from the Brink:   The use of trillions of taxpayer dollars to accomplish nothing

 Bail Out:      The act of taxpayers paying non-taxpayers’ bills

 Benjamin Netanyahu:  Israeli bully

Bipartisanship—Barry’s new clarion call now that he’s gone from “We won” to “We got shellacked.”  To achieve bipartisanship, Barry will call the Republicans from the back of the bus, leaving behind their principles and values in order to co-sign all of the democrats’ hair brained ideas in the name of civility and to salvage reelection.

 George W. Bush: Ex-President of the United States; convenient scapegoat for every failed Obama policy

 Charlie (Wrangle a Deal) Rangel:  Real estate baron; part time public servant

Childrens’ expectations—first and foremost, to get out of the womb alive; second, once they are out of the womb, not to be in debt up to their eyeballs by unscrupulous politicians buying their way to reelection.

 Choice:  A “freedom” that only applies to killing your unborn baby

Civil discourse—discourse is only civil when dems/liberals are speaking.  When anyone who doesn’t agree with said dems/liberals the discourse automatically becomes uncivil and therefore, must cease.

 Climate change:  Current vernacular used upon receipt of inconvenient climate data; *See “Global Warming”

Collective pain—the supposed pain experienced by everyone, everywhere for everything that only serves to diminish the true pain and suffering of those on the front line of tragedy. 

 Communism:  One of three political systems preferred by liberals

 Conservative:  *See “racist”

 Economic justice:   *See “redistribution”

 Entitlement:    The system whereby government abolishes any incentivize for people to seek employment and/or provide for their own needs

 Ethics:   *See “Charlie (Wrangle a Deal) Rangel” and Maxine “Muddy As a Swamp” Waters

First Amendment Rights:  the right to free speech; right that is only afforded liberals/dems so they can spew anything they want; everyone else needs to project civility in their public discourse

Global Warming:  Unproven theory that affords the government the opportunity to dictate how Americans live, confiscate their money through gargantuan regulation and transform America into a third world nation.

 Government subsidy: Oxymoronic term; government can’t subsidize anyone since they have no money; should be referred to as “taxpayer provided handout.”

Hamas:  Humanitarian aid workers

 Healthcare: The system whereby working people will pay exorbitant amounts of money to be told they are ineligible for care; the demolition of the world’s best healthcare system for 300 million people in order to provide insurance for 13 million people; senior citizen reduction program

Hezbollah:  *See Hamas

 Illegal immigrants:  Democratic voting bloc

 Immigration Law:  Erroneous, misguided, racist suggestions worthy of federal dismissal

Inflammatory rhetoric—anything Sarah Palin says

 Israel:  Enemy state

 Jobs Bill:   Congressional bloating of government payrolls; huge thank you card to unions

 Marxism:  *See “Communism”

 Maxine “Muddy As A Swamp” Waters: Full time marital business banking partner; part time public servant

Misspoke:  Term now used when you don’t want to say that someone is lying through their teeth

Moving the country forward:  Phrase Barry employs when trying to fool Americans that he is trying to accomplish something beneficial;  terminology never includes specifics such as the nation is balanced on the edge of a cliff 

Party of No:  derogatory term used by liberals and democrats when referring to republicans, conservatives, and libertarians; adopted when republicans, conservatives and libertarians  voted no for all of the exorbitant spending programs that have quadrupled the deficit and added trillions to the debt in 18 months; voted no for all of the overreaching, intrusive, Constitution busting programs and regulations that have bloated the size and scope of government and voted no to the impending bankrupt nanny state the administration is hell bent on creating.

Private Citizen Vacation:  Act of going to a foreign country via AF2; with an entourage of Secret Service agents; where towns, streets and beaches are closed down for your visit; and most of the cost is paid by the American taxpayer

Private Mother Daughter Time:  Same as “private citizen vacation” only you take your 9 year old daughter and 40 of your closest friends along for the ride and photo shoot

Racist: Anyone who disagrees with Obama’s policies

Recovery:  *See “stimulus”

 Redistribution of Wealth:   Government policy whereby they confiscate your (not their) hard earned money and give it to someone who earns less than you; liberals definition of “fairness”

 Republicans:   *See “racist”

 Rich:   Anyone with money that wasn’t provided in a monthly government check

Saved or Created:    Non-verifiable statistic used to bamboozle the easily fooled

Second Amendment Rights: the right to bear arms; right that needs to be removed from law abiding citizens; right only afforded insane, sociopaths and criminals

Socialism:  *See “Communism”

Social justice:  Government policy whereby you are prevented from doing something because someone else can’t do it

Stimulus: Taxpayer money used as Congressional toilet paper

Sub-prime loan:   Large loans given to people least able to repay; done in the name of “economic justice”; Barney Frank and Chris Dodd neighborhood revitalization program

 Tea-partiers: *See “racist”

Terrorist:  Misunderstood Israeli annihilators

Threatening behavior—anything Sarah Palin does

Tolerance:  term bantered about by liberals when trying to endorse  acceptance of those whose politics, cultural norms, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from the majority of Americans; term not applicable regarding Christians, Constitutionalists, conservatives, defense of marriage supporters, libertarians, pro-lifers, patriots, tea party members, republicans, and anyone who disagrees with Congress or Barack Obama.

Unintended Consequences: As a result of your actions, being stuck with a different scenario than what you may have planned;  implies the end result is less than pleasant. Prime example, voting for hope and change in the election of 2008 and the subsequent Obama Administration. 

 I don’t know, maybe it’s me!


Today I ventured, quite reluctantly, into the horror that potentially could be  Barrycare.  Having a “female problem” requiring minor surgery; I needed pre-op testing.  The “testing” portion took all of 10 minutes. The inane amount of questions took one hour.

 During my last pre-barrycare hospital visit, I graciously filled out the required questionnaire and didn’t balk at the mandatory blood sample.  At the time, I had no qualms with questions inquiring if I wore dentures, although I didn’t.  I figured if I did have removable teeth and began to choke during surgery, I would want someone to remove the dentures wedged in my throat.

 In my expert opinion, this time the questions asked were never ending, totally unrelated and therefore, unnecessary. 

 One wouldn’t be terribly surprised if I confessed I lost it just a wee bit when the nurse practitioner asked me if I cleaned my house.  I responded, “Can you tell me what this has to do with my cervix?”

 “Well,” the nurse responded, “They like to know everything that is going on in your body before surgery.”  I sarcastically replied, “Tell them that I am independently wealthy and have a full time maid.”

 “They” don’t need to know I’m the full time maid.

 The next question was, “Do you drink coffee?”  I thought to myself, “If I don’t someone could get seriously hurt.” But instead I responded “Yes.”  The nurse asked, “How much?”  “Well,” I retorted, “I drink one cup a day and it’s 24 ounces ….do with that as you wish.” 

 Nurse Ratchett asked, “Do you get a headache if you don’t have it?”  “Hell, yeah,” I told her.  No doubt that response will automatically qualify me for the “addict” category.

 Someone needs to point out the necessity of all the coffee questions.  As I see it, my cervix doesn’t drink the coffee; my mouth does, so why ask?

 The only logical explanation is that coffee will be the next substance banned by the ever concerned and benevolent White House.  It seems to me the food police are trying to get data to indicate how many people will be going through the DT’s when involuntary caffeine withdrawal is imposed upon them.  

 Included were the customary, “Do you smoke, drink or take drugs?”  “No”, “No” and “No.”  But after these questions, I am seriously considering it. 

 When the inquisition finally ceased my blood pressure, it was 160/95.  Need I say more?

 In the ol’ days the biggest concern was someone obtaining a social security number or, God forbid, an actual birth date.  This pre-op experience made me realize that every aspect of life is due to be in a medical computer database for the entire world to see.  Everything from how much coffee your cervix drinks to how often you vacuum your floors is now mandatory information whether applicable to your condition or not.  Makes one long for the good ol’ days. 

 I don’t know, maybe it’s me.

Conservatives need to give up criticizing the gift before America in the personhood of Barack Obama.  The sooner Obama’s greatness is acknowledged, the better off America will be. 

 Conservatives need to acknowledge we now live in a bipartisan America, free from racial strife and Barack, the great unifier, accomplished this in 18 short months.  The nation is no longer red or blue, but finally one, big, happy America.   

Why it is not enough for conservatives that we now have the most “transparent” administration since the nation’s founding and it is no longer “politics as usual.”

Admit it, Bush was a moron and now we have the most intelligent, smart- beyond-our-wildest-imagination academics running the country; and look how magnificently everything is moving along. 

 On the international level, the world loves us now that Bush is no longer in office.  Any day, Ahmadinejad will declare Iran desires to be our “greatest ally” in the Middle East. 

 Who needs Israel anyway? 

 Anyone with half a brain knows the ill feelings other nations had toward America were because of George Bush.  Barack’s diplomatic expertise has done away with all hostility as he employs a softer, gentler approach.  As a result, the whole world is now our friend.  Listen closely and you can hear the universal Kumbaya being hummed in the background. 

 Domestically, nothing could be better since Obama saved America from the brink of economic disaster.  In the month of May, the unemployment rates dropped from 9.9% to 9.7%, which indicates the job market is roaring back. 

 Why isn’t that enough for conservatives? 

 Barack works tirelessly to insure that America has the opportunity to share the wealth.  Just wait and see what Obama has planned once the Bush tax cuts expire.

 Conservatives need to admit that bureaucracy is a much better steward of money.  The government is an efficient, well-oiled machine that has America’s best interest in mind and is a proven trustworthy steward of the money citizens have earned.  Conservatives are all extremely selfish and not at all concerned for their fellow man as is Barack. 

 Shame on you!

 Finally, someone has come along to put a spike in the heart of the free market system.  God knows it has been teetering on the brink for decades.  Barack Obama is going to do what no one else had the guts to do…kill the free market completely.  Barack is a hero and instead conservatives criticize and demean his altruistic efforts while demanding a capitalistic system.  

Conservatives fail to realize that once capitalism is dead, the playing field levels, competition ceases and fairness prevails. 

How easy will that be?

Ungratefulness shows in the lack of conservatives’ appreciation for Barack’s willingness to handle so many businesses that used to be handled by ordinary Americans and experts in their respective fields.  Why should private citizens be left to run banks, car, loan, mortgage, and health insurance companies, medicine, America’s nutritional needs, hospitals and doctor’s offices?  Are conservatives not appreciative of the expertise that is being put in place to take of us? 

The word ungratefulness does not even begin to scratch the surface!

What Americans can’t acquire on their own, government plans to provide.  Need housing?-it’s yours.  Need to go to college and don’t have the money? – it’s yours.  “Volunteer” work in exchange for tuition is not too much to ask.  Need healthcare? -it’s yours. 

Just think of all of the creative people the country can support if Americans don’t have to be concerned with health care.  People will now be free to follow their dreams and search for their place in the universe.   Why should citizens be bogged down with the responsibility of providing for themselves when they could pursue higher ideals such as contemplating the meaning of existence? 

You never know, America could produce the next Socrates and it will be Barack Obama who made it possible. 

It is immaterial that only 54% of Americans actually foot the bill for health care.  Conservatives need to look to a higher ideal, which is covering those who cannot or will not provide for themselves.  Is that not the American way?

 The fact that mothers, fathers, and grandparents will be rationed out of the system is also immaterial.  Just think of how many annoying relatives can be eliminated with your hefty “contribution.” 

Government is a friend and is ready, willing and able to do it all and conservatives, in general, are unappreciative.

Please don’t babble on about America’s grandchildren’s future being squandered.  The only “future” grandchildren are entitled to is one shared with the global community.  Grandchildren need to know sharing, sacrifice and skin in the game is their lot in life.  Why do conservatives have a problem with that?

Those on the right just don’t get it.   A little enlightenment, where conservatives are concerned, would definitely go a long way.    

I don’t know, maybe it’s me!



Chuckie Carries On

April 17, 2010

Some things are so preposterous they boggle the mind. While “Rome” burns, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) busies himself with important things such as carryon luggage.  Charles voiced outrage in interviews regarding Spirit Airlines proposal to levy a $45 charge on customers.    

 In response to the proposal, Schumer is considering introducing a bill banning  all airlines from charging carryon fees.  Schumer called the fee a “slap in the face of anyone who flies,” asserting, “We’re fed up with airlines that keep nickel and dime-ing the passengers from departure to arrival.” 

 “It’s time to draw the line.  Airlines should not be allowed to charge for overhead luggage,” Schumer stated.

 While it is reassuring to know there is a high flying protector in the Senate, since when does Senator Schumer run the airline business?  According to “The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics: Airline Deregulation,” (Fred L. Smith Jr. and Braden Cox)  “The economic liberalization of air travel was part of a series of “deregulation” moves based on the growing realization that a politically controlled economy served no continuing public interest.   If that notion about the intermarriage between government and the economy were as closely held today, we would not be having this discussion and would, no doubt, be in better economic shape.

 According to Smith and Cox, one effect of airline deregulation was lower prices.  Once airlines were unfettered by government control, market competition forced down the cost of tickets.  Subsequently, more Americans were able to “Fly the friendly skies.”  Does it stand to reason that if Spirit Airlines decides to charge $45 for carryon luggage, and other airlines don’t, the American people can decide what do to without any assistance from Washington?  

In a competitive bid to attract customers there could be an onslaught of commercials and print ads for non-charging airlines boasting “No charge for carryon luggage.”   If competition is allowed to prevail without the interference from Schumer and any other Senator who signs onto Schumer’s bill, Spirit Airlines could very well find themselves as the only ones charging customers to carry baby diapers and hairbrushes onto an airplane. 

 The notion of government interfering in the day-to-day operations of business causes consternation to any free market advocate.  With the current wave of government takeovers of car companies, banks and now our health care system, chills run down the spines of freedom loving Americans who understand the dangers of government infiltrating the lives of citizens to such degrees.  Fear that Schumer’s bill could be the first step toward government re-regulation of airlines is understandable.  After all, government does such a stellar job of running anything they control, don’t you think?

 Schumer boldly admits his opposition to the $45 fee really stems from it not being included in the 7.5% tax that airlines charge.  If the airlines included the fee in the tax, Washington would receive a cut of the $45.  As a “fee”, Washington doesn’t get their cut and Chuckie will have none of that!

 The declaration “It is time to draw the line” is sanctimoniously and hypocritically coming from a self-serving politician who voted for every partisan spending bill Obama’s democratically controlled Congress has foisted on the American people.  Schumer now feigns outrage over a $45 fee after he joyfully voted in favor of the health care plan ($900+ billion), Omnibus ($410 billion), stimulus ($787 billion), expanded the child health S-Chip program, ($33 billion), bailed out the car companies ($80 billion), and Schumer is fully expected to vote for Cap and Trade which passed the House and is poised to go to the Senate ($821 billion). 

A recent Heritage Foundation study indicates that Obama’s spending will cost every household in America $31,406 this year. 

 After receiving a bill for $31,406, it is comforting to know that Chuckie is working tirelessly to draw a line so that he can save high flying Americans  $45. 

 I don’t know, maybe it’s me. 

There is a line from a song that goes, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”    With that well meaning thought in mind and the arrival of tax day, the ominous April 15th tax day should be renamed, “Let There Be Economic Justice and Let It Begin with Liberals Day.”

 On April 15th, all Obama voters should send a check to the U.S. Federal Government for double of whatever percentage they already contributed in taxes. Obama voters that already paid 20% in taxes should volunteer to send an additional 20% and so on.

 Just think how virtuous, compassionate and altruistic Obama voters can feel doing more than their share to help bring economic justice to America. 

 Virtuous Obama voters can contribute additional tax revenue because they already have full faith and confidence in the federal government to spend it in the most efficient manner.  On Economic Justice Day, liberals can lay their heads on their pillows Thursday night knowing Congress will dispense even more of their hard earned money to all those not empowered to provide for themselves.

 Obama’s fiscal angels can lead the way toward fiscal empowerment for everyone.  What a thrilling opportunity for those who despise America’s prosperity will have.

 Considering 50% of Americans will be subsidizing the other non-tax paying 50% for everything from student loans to healthcare, it seems only “fair” that the 52% of the electorate who voted for Barack Obama would be the ones to step up to the plate and usher in the hope and change they voted for. 

 With the Bush tax cuts due to expire, healthcare charges being implemented this year, and VAT tax talk lurking in the wings, this new perspective on Tax Day will provide the much needed example the 48% of  “selfish” Americans who did not vote for Barack need to get past the pain of having hard earned money confiscated and used as the government deems necessary.  Liberals love setting the example to help “change” people’s erroneous perspective.

 There isn’t a word that can speak quite as loudly as action.  Therefore, Economic Justice Day is the perfect time for Obama voters to put their obvious superior ideologies on display in order to set an example for the rest of the selfish, self-serving Americans. 

 Everyone knows that liberals are more compassionate, understanding and supportive of those less fortunate than themselves.  So, while the Tea Party bigots are out protesting the confiscation of their money by an out of control, big spending government, liberals can serve as the shining example of how Americans ought to respond.

 During the election, as a means toward economic justice, Barack made it crystal clear he supports the notion of “redistribution of wealth.” Why candy coat redistribution as non-renewal of the Bush tax cuts or concern for the environment in cap and trade?  From this day forward let’s call it for what it is…redistribution for economic justice.

 Obama voters should consider it an honor and privilege to give double the amount in tax contributions and in doing so get behind the policy of Barack Obama, take the first step, put their money where their mouth is and have economic justice begin with them. 

 I don’t know, maybe it’s me.

Excuse Me Mr. Senator

April 11, 2010

When firmly planted in the fifth decade in life, one is no longer afraid or intimidated by anyone…least of which, liberal senators from New York. 

Last evening I had the “honor” of meeting the illustrious Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY).  Senator Schumer managed to garner an invitation to a dinner for a fire department on Long Island where I work.  Schumer’s office contacted the chairman of the dinner and asked if the senator could stop by and say a few words.  The lady requesting an invitation for the New York senator was told “He’s not invited.”  The fire department board of commissioners granted permission for the uninvited Schumer to come and speak.  For the record, I wouldn’t have been as nice.

Mr. Schumer has been making the rounds of Nassau County fire department’s annual installation dinners.   I am sure that the county’s fire department’s assistance in helping to elect the new County Executive has nothing to do with the sudden interest Schumer has for fire service.   

I am absolutely sure that the fact that this is an election year is purely coincidental.

After Schumer’s speech about fire service exemplifying teamwork and blah, blah, blah, the senator posed for a picture.  Schumer then “worked the room” as if he was invited and the people were happy to see him.  Within 15 minutes, Schumer was off to the next fire service dinner that he invited himself to.

Leaving the event, the senator was met in the hallway my none other than myself.  I respectfully approached the senator and said, “Excuse me Mr. Senator, may I have your autograph?”  Schumer replied, “Surely, what is your name?”  I was tempted to answer, “Your Royal Highness”, but I demonstrated restraint.  I told Charles, “My name is Laura, “after which, the senator autographed the back of my program. 

Then I looked at Charles and queried, “May I ask you a question?”

“Inside, you spoke about teamwork and I was wondering how it feels to be on a team that has caused my husband and I, our children, and our grandchildren to be so deeply indebted that we will never see our way out.” 

Schumer responded, “I don’t know what you mean, do you mean governmentally or personally?” 

With a complete look of incredulousness on my face I said, “You don’t know what I mean?”           

I reiterated, “The team you are on has incurred enormous debt to be paid on the backs of my grandchildren.”

“I have children too,” he responded. 

It is one thing to not regard America’s children and grandchildren’s future.  However, for Schumer to perpetrate this immoral, irresponsible behavior on the backs of his own children is despicable and given another opportunity I would like to bring that to the attention of the illustrious Senator from New York.

Then Schumer said the most preposterous thing of all to me.  “We are going to bring down the debt.” Is he kidding me?  He must be. 

I responded with a “How, by passing healthcare and now cap and trade in the wings?”  Schumer responded, “Cap and trade hasn’t passed.”  I pressed him further and asked, “Do I have your word you won’t vote for it?” 

“Not if it raises the debt,” he said. 

“Then, do I have your word you won’t vote for it?”  Senator Schumer wouldn’t give me a straight answer…I wonder why?

I then said “Your team has done this to my babies.”

He brazenly replied, “I am very proud if my team.” 

To which I responded, “Well, I’m not.”

 I don’t know, maybe it’s me.